Several avocations have stayed with me over the years:  photography, astronomy, space exploration, and designing & making things in general.


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  • (Coming soon) Photo gallery of astronomical images I have taken
  • During the late 1990’s I constructed a number of webpages dealing with telescope eyepieces and telescope optical formulas as a project to learn how to use Javascript.  I have not continued to update them, but several of the pages contain information that may still be helpful.  The pages won an award from the Griffith Observatory.

This telescope calculator takes the objective diameter, f ratio, focal length, eyepiece apparent field, and eyepiece focal length as required to calculate the estimated objective performance, telescope magnification, magnification per inch, true field, and exit pupil size.

The telescope and eyepiece formulas page breaks out the equations used in the telescope calculator.

Eyepiece specifications contains a list that was comprehensive circa 2000.  Since that time many, many eyepieces have come on the market, and I have not kept this page updated.

Space Exploration and Human Space Flight

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Designing and Making Things

  • My dad taught me how to use tools at a very young age, so I’ve been designing and building things as long as I can remember.  My first experience making something large and relatively complex was during my five years of participation in the All-American Soap Box Derby.
  • (Coming soon) Things I’ve Built