Product Development

I have created and built countless things . These are the major products designed for large-scale deployment.

Web Applications

SimPandemic (2020)

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SimPandemic is an easy-to-use but sophisticated simulator that enables you to learn how a pandemic evolves by choosing, customizing, and exploring the outcome of many different scenarios. Quickly and easily ask, “What if?” and see what happens.

Science Buddies: Classroom Scientist Mentoring Environment (2006)

Science Buddies: Topic Selection Wizard (2003)

The Topic Selection Wizard has gone through many upgrades during its life. The current version is a sophisticated Bayesian recommender.

Science Buddies: Mentoring Environment (2002)

Family Tree Maker Online (1996)

Software Applications

dbNow (2001)

Family Tree Maker: World Family Tree (1995)

Family Tree Maker: Data Archive CDs (1994+)

Microsoft Organization Chart (1993)

Biography Maker (1993)

Uncle Sam’s Budget Balancer (1992)

Banner Blue Movie Guide (1991)

Family Tree Maker (1989)

Org Plus (1985)